Trinity Faith Tabernacle Celebrates A Landmark!

August closes out summer fun, events, conferences, family reunions, and all of the happy times that are sought after when the season changes to sunshine daily. As many memories that could be possibly relived and remembered, August 26th and 27th were days that were designed to do just that at Trinity Faith Tabernacle.

The saints from near and far gathered at 1302 N. Huron and Mulberry Streets once again to bring back the good ole days, in what they themed as the Old Landmark and stay in the service of the Lord weekend. Trinity also celebrated 54 years as a church by hosting a Meet and Greet on Saturday, August 26 at 5:30 followed by a Gospel Concert at 7:00 PM featuring many friends of Trinity.

The Sunday services highlighted special people who selectively returned back to share in this historical celebration. What was so special about the services were the two people who were selected to be Guest Speakers were original members of the church, serving under the leadership of Founder Pastor Edward "Dad" King. Evangelist Carrie Harris, who resides in Maryland, was the 11:00 AM speaker. She had much to share about her days growing up in Toledo at Trinity Faith Tabernacle. And the 4:00 PM speaker was Pastor Bill Harris, accompanied by his wife Dr. Anne Harris, of the Rapture Ministries, Toledo, Oh.

Trinity was founded on the basic principles of Faith, Love, and Obedience, all of which continues to sustain the foundation and biblical elements of the church today. Trinity has a rich heritage and these services were a set aside time to honor its legacy and richness. The church was first planted at Pinewood Tabernacle and later moved to Dorr Street Enterprise. Because the Lord was moving mightily in the ministry and on the leader, the church continued to grow, evolve, and relocated to the Lagrange and Delaware area. A door was opened for the congregation to move to its present location where it has become a pillar in the community with the commitment to serve with their whole heart those who enters the doors of the sanctuary.

Trinity Faith Tabernacle has always maintained a close connection to the community and provides several annual events to benefit residents at large. The services were also a reminder of other devout leaders who served until their death, i.e. Pastor Mary Francis Jones and Dr. Helen Brown. Presently, Trinity is led by Pastor Patricia and Elder Bobby Smith who thanks all of the former members and friends who came from near and far to be a part of the anointed services at Trinity, that it was and is known for. It was a remarkable time and the Lord met the saints there.

Congratulations Pastor Patricia and Elder Bobby on a job well done as you continue to remember the Old Landmark and the service of the Lord!

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