Words Matter!

At the time of this writing it seems as if the common thread in the land is that"everything matters". BMW suggest that"driving matters,"the Sealy mattress maker says"sleep matters"a church in our community has a slogan"you matter"and all of them seem to stem from a cry,complaint and criticism coming from the movement"BLM,that even in 2017 that black lives matter.

In his book"Building A Discipling Culture"Mike Breen suggest that words,language matters. Sociologists suggest that language creates,shapes culture. In simple terms"words matter". As tensions around the world and particularly the United States reach unprecedented levels,it is important that we use our words carefully. It has often been said that its not only what you say,but how you say it that counts,it becomes more important day by day that the words we use are weighed before they are released. Once you release words they cannot be retrieved and the damage usually has already been done once words have been spoken.

Believing that life and death exist in the same location,your mouth, i encourage the reader to think long and hard before you speak.Mama used to say"don't let your mouth overload your behind" and how true that turned out to be in many instances. Sometimes its better to refrain from speaking rather than to open your mouth and do a world of damage. I believe that we can change the culture of anything by using our words appropriately. I challenge you to use your words to change the culture of your community like never before. We need world changers and i believe that we can change the world by changing our conversation which in turn changes the culture. Take the time to speak a kind word instead of a critical,condescending and corrupt one. Maybe the people you thought were so mean aren't really as mean as they appear they just need someone to take the time to care enough to speak to them,care enough to talk TO them and not over,around and about them.

Words really do matter! They have power to build up and tear down,which one will you choose today? Anybody can talk about someone,but it takes a mature person to talk to a person even if they don't have the same persuasion. We are so much better together when we communicate with one another with the right words. Use your words to speak life and not death,to lift up and not pull down,to encourage,empower and enlighten never to embarrass,expose or entice. Words matter! Command,seize and win the day.

By Pastor Talmadge Thomas

City of Zion

Toledo, Oh.

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