"More Than Meets The Eye Opens Eyes"!

A survivor of an abusive childhood both in and out of foster care, Marjory Goodloe continues to rise to greatness by sharing her truth with the masses. Her revealing book “More than Meets the Eye,” gave an inside look at her personal experience with child abuse and neglect as well as her perspective of the foster care system. This poignant story hits the stage with the production of the same title that will grant the audience an up close and personal inside look into Marjory’s life experiences. Complete with an amazing cast, soul-stirring music, and the help and guidance of director Angela Blunt, eyes are sure to be opened to the realization that even through strife; one can not only survive - but thrive.

Born in Chicago and raised in Toledo, Marjory is a noted author, playwright and motivational speaker professionally known as Marjory the Motivator. Yet while this 29-year old educator and PhD Candidate indeed has it all together, her successes have not come without hardship. Marjory has chosen to draw strength from her past with the keen understanding that one’s experiences are not only about them, but that these experiences are meant to be shared with others that may be in similar struggles. She wants her audience to know that they are not alone and that inner healing is obtainable.

“More than Meets the Eye,” The Stage Play is an authentic, raw, live and in living color mission at sharing Marjory’s story to a broader audience of those who may not hear this message shared in traditional religious settings. This production provides not only harsh realities that Marjory and others have shared but more importantly, it provides understanding and hope for a way out.

Through this uncompromising stage play, she wants those who may be on the downside of life to know that “God is able and He is so much bigger than anything that we can ever experience or conceive.”

“More than Meets the Eye” presented Saturday, November 4, 2017, 6:00 p.m. Lourdes University, 6832 Convent Blvd., Sylvania, Ohio. Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

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