Pathway's Youth Against Crime Week Promises To Raise The Bar For Youth!

In an effort to call attention to the violence in the community, Pathway took the dive and pushed ahead in calling all youth to "enact don't react"! (c) This attempt proved to be just what CEO Cheryl Grice wanted to happen: begin the conversation, develop strategies to move forward and make it happen! She stated "that she is optimistic about what will take place in the future and it was a good beginning".

With all of the violence and recent shootings and deaths in our community, Pathway took the plunge and invited youth from youth groups, churches, and social programs to join in a series of events that engaged in extensive dialogue about "ridding themselves from engaging in self defeating behaviors and crime that leads to death". It is notable to indicate that it appears that some youth certainly benefitted and took the lessons learned serious. Some committed to paying closer attention to what is going on around them and encouraging peers to walk away and seek help when and if needed.

The following is a Calendar for the Youth Against Crime Week that took place during the week of October 9 thru 15 throughout the community:

Monday... Youth Against Crime Press Conference at The Believe Center

Tuesday.... Movie Night at Wayman Palmer YMCA

Wednesday... What Is Bootcamp? Pathway, Inc.

Thursday..... Parent University at The Believe Center

Friday..... Jones Leadership Academy Pep Rally and Night at The Y

Saturday... Youth Against Crime Rally/Walk, Torch Training & Lock In

Sunday.... Citywide Church Services focused on Youth Against Crime. Note that all I. M. A. affiliated churches were asked to take part in this effort to raise more awareness with our youth.

Torch Training......Day 2 at Pathway, Inc.

Pathway and staff wish to thank each program, youth programs, church, social agencies, individuals and Pastors who took part in this great collaboration to raise awareness and aim at helping our young people positively "enact don't react"! (c) Congratulations CEO Grice on a job well done. May God bless you as you continue to make a difference in our community!

For more information about the services that are offered at Pathway, please call 419.242.7404. Pathway's Vision is: To reduce poverty by inspiring hope and delivering services to those who seek self-sufficiency. Mission Statement is: Pathway reduces poverty by providing comprehensive services that create pathways to self-sufficiency.

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