He That Hath Eyes To See: SEE!

There were always two types of slaves. There were the house slaves and the filed slaves. The house slaves were treated differently than the field slaves. The house slaves lived in their master's attic or basement. They ate the food that their master ate, and wore the clothes that their master wore. They were more loyal to their master than they were to their fellow slaves.

They ate ham, bacon, eggs, shoulder, sausage.etc. The field slaves ate what was left. They ate what we now call chitlins. They were then, what they really are now: Hog guts. Although the master decided what both the house slaves and the field slaves ate and wore, he gave the house slaves hand-me-downs, he gave the field slaves the clothes that the house slaves no longer wore..The house slaves thought they were better than the field slaves. When the master got sick the house slaves said, "What's wrong master, we sick? If the master's house caught on fire, the house slaves would be the first to try to put out the fire. However, the house slaves and the field slaves were freed by the same act on the same day.

The master knew that the house slaves and the field slaves were no different. They were all slaves with different assignments.When Harriet Tubman went into the south to free the slaves, she realized that the slaves who lived in the big house and those who lived in the huts on the side of the hill were all slaves, and the big house and the hut were owned by the same master. When the freedom in Harriet connected to the freedom in the slaves,they followed a woman that they did not know through a river that they could not cross to a land that they could not see.

When Martin Luther King, Jr. arrived in Montgomery, Alabama in the early 50's, he was just 26 years old, but he realized that whether blacks got their degree from Yale or got it in the mail, whether they went to Morehouse or no house, whether they were high yellow, or blue black, they were all segregated, and had to ride on the back of the bus. The freedom in King connected to the freedom in the 50,000 blacks and they stayed off the city buses, and walked for 381 days until the walls in segregation in public transportation came tumbling down.

When Jesus said to the Jews, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, " " they said we are the sons of Abraham and we have never been slaves. But Jesus said to them, "I don't care who your father was, those who commit sin are the slaves of sin."

He that hath eyes to see, let him see.

Floyd Rose

Senior Servant

Serenity Church


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