The Worship Center Legacy Reaches Beyond Its Local Corridors!

I - 75 is the seventh longest Interstate highway that crosses six states including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida and is 1,786.47 miles in length. However on Saturday, December 2,2017, many had traveled this Interstate crossing all of these states to partake in an Installation Service of a son, Pastor Luther Clyde McKinstry, III, whose testimony shared around the country, describes him as being taken " from the jailhouse to God's house"!

Luther Clyde McKinstry, III, now Pastor Luther, shares his life story in what is being termed as an EPIC display of the MERCY OF GOD! You see Pastor McKinstry was not suppose to be where he is today. His past life of drugs, along with the propensities to be imprisoned for the rest of his life, had positioned him to be a statistic without a good outcome. Rather than giving in to that forecast, Pastor Luther had a praying father and mother who refused to give up on the power of God, yet they left him with a decision: Bishop Pat McKinstry stated that she left these words with him: " YOU CAN VOLUNTEER OR GET DRAFTED". And then God moved miraculously. He has shared his testimony with many as to how he was out of the will of God and he finally VOLUNTEERED his life to the Lord. And his testimony is a true snapshot of God's miracle working power. He walked out of prison yrs. ago and has not looked back. In fact, his life has fast forwarded to where he is now in position to continue the MCKINSTRY LEGACY.

Little did the parents of Pastor Luther, Bishop Patricia and Luther McKinstry, II, know years ago that they would be witnesses to the day when they would share in such a historical moment in the life of the McKinstrys. The Installation service was shared by many national clergyman extending from Oklahoma, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, and more. The Official Order of the service included Bishop Eric Mitchell, OFFICIANT, Pastor Michael Fisher, Pastor Mark Vereen, Bishop T. L. Penny, Bishop Richard Leaphart, Pastor Lance Johnson, Bishop Tom Williams. The music for the service was provided by Bro. Earnest Pugh and Bro. Vashawn Mitchell. Bishop Liston Page, Sr. D. D. Introduced the Official Homolist for the service in the person of his son, Bishop Liston Page, Jr. , M. Div. Bishop Patricia McKinstry, Mother of Pastor Luther, conducted The Presentation, along with Bishop Henry Alexander. The Act of Installation included Bishop Kevin Long who presented Pastor Luther to his mother to conduct The Examination, which is a sacred order of the service where Pastor Luther is asked a series of questions relating to the role of a Pastor, and responds I WILL BY THE HELP OF GOD.

When overlooking the audience, familiar faces throughout the spiritual world could be seen. One face familiar to Toledo was that of Former Pastor Larry Whatley, who now resides in Atlanta and a part of the ministry at The Worship Center Of Atlanta. Also, because of the prophetic call upon Pastor Luther's life, the service was charged with many generals in the Body of Christ. Therefore, the Prophetic Utterance was conducted by B. Prophet Dwayne Hardin and Prophet Alvernis Johnson. The service would not end without The Charge To The Church, The Acceptance by the assembly of WCOATL, as well as The Affirmation.

As the floor was opened for Remarks, a well known Nationally acclaimed Preacher and long time friend to Pastor Luther, Pastor Carlton Pearson, took the podium. And it was not a quite voice in the room, as he proclaimed his real commitment to "a friend" by any means necessary. The words echoed were : WHEN EVERYBODY ELSE LEFT HIM, I REMAINED HIS FRIEND! Pastor Pearson has become known to the movie industry as well. A premiere movie, HERETIC, will be featured in January, 2018 based upon his life, which will include Actors such as Chiwetel Ejiofor who will play the role as Pastor Pearson, and Martin Sheen will play the role Pastor Oral Roberts.

Congratulations to Pastor Luther C. McKinstry, III and the Worship Center of Atlanta. He stated that Atlanta was a place of designation for him, as he went there to do one thing and God had another plan for his life. We are godly proud of the work that God has done in your life. WCOATL is located at 1735 Defoor Place, SW., in the heart of a place where real ministry does and can take place. Our prayers are with you Pastor McKinstry as you join the 5.7 million others who reside in the metropolitan area of Atlanta. God Bless you!

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