TUCK RADIO: Via Samson, Ala, Toledo, & Now Cincinnati, Ohio!

From the foot hills of Samson, Alabama to the Glass City of Toledo, and on to the great city of Cincinnati, Cassandra Tucker, born one of 10 children, states that her greatest days of imagination, never rose to the heights of ever expecting that she would love music as much as she does and have such a fondness for its richness.

However, with such a rich heritage and roots in the grand old C. O. G. I. C. there was no way to avoid the ultimate of spending an extended amount of time in church and making music "your favorite hobby". In fact, it was the usual and customary for us, all 10 of us known as The singing Cantlope Children who traveled from South Alabama, to North, West and East singing the praises of God. And from this wealth of experience and history, gospel music became a lifelong passion for me. Matriculating on to college positioned me to be discovered by my Basketball Coach who committed me to singing the National Anthem at the beginning of each "home game". After attending there, I relocated to Toledo Ohio from Alabama and was not only engaged in singing but had the responsibility of being the Choir Director for the Christian Fellowship C. O. G. I. C. under the leadership of Supt. Thurman Jefferson.

Yet while being in college, music was still a big part of my life, as I had the opportunity to become a Radio Personality as a D. J. in a small town known as Ozark,Alabama. Not having extensive training and much information about the future of Radio, as I was young yet loved the experience, the knowledge of how lucrative and popular that Radio was, the art of the business was unknown to me at the time. However, as time moved along and my career path progressed into becoming a Police Officer ‍♀ in Cincinnati, Ohio, I moved away from something that was very dear and passionate to me. However, It is not hard to know how much you love MUSIC when you find yourself bobbing your head to anything that has a beat, no matter the genre.

And as I have followed my dreams in life, MUSIC has never left as part of my foundation of things that were and are still important to me. As I continue to embrace this love affair with music, I asked, WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT AND ABOUT IT? This is when the birthing of my own Radio Station evolved, especially after revisiting my love, passion, and desire to rejuvenate my MUSIC life. This passion is an extension of what my growing up years included when my siblings and I would spend time together with our mother who instilled in us " to stand up and be accounted for". We would find ourselves singing at every family function, birthdays, family reunions, or just sitting around the dinner table. This still happens today!

Cassandra states that TUCK RADIO is an opportunity for the dream to become a reality, doing what makes me happy, as well as others through the sounds of MUSIC. You can visit her at tuckradio.com and info@tuckradio.com

She is still D J SANDY B, SWEET P, AND TUCK, created and Based in Cincinnati, Oh. in 2016. Cassandra Tucker, we pray that God continues to bless you with TUCK RADIO ! And yes I am godly proud of you. WHY? You are my little sister! Lol.

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