I. M. A. Celebrates Its Christmas Dinner At SERENITY DINER with New Mayor!

SERENITY DINER was filled to the brim on Thursday prior to Christmas Day, to celebrate accomplishments during the year as well as to provide a warm, welcomed invitation to the newly elected Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, who will take the Office of The Mayor in January, 2018.

When entering into the SERENITY DINER, one could hear friendly conversations going on among constituents, as well as smell the sweet aroma of the savor ingredients that had been prepared on this day for this group. The hot buffet included a combined total of 4 different meats, 5 well prepared vegetables, 3 combo salads, 2 different tasteful breads, desserts for your liking which included cakes and select pies.

One could imagine how the day continued for those, like me, who indulged in the highest caloric count of foods offered, lol. The gathering also was an opportunity for the I. M. A. to welcome the Mayor through the introductions of Executive members and present members of the membership.

While engaging in the meal, it was noticeable that Bishop M. C. McGhee, Owner, was embracing each guest to ensure not just a great fellowship experience but a great meal experience. He continued to invite guests to eat up and enjoy everything that was extravagantly prepared on the buffet. It was a great, eating, dine in time well spent with brothers and sisters.

Pastor Cedric Brock stated that this was a time to share and spend with each other and not a time to talk shop or business. Fellowship was the goal and certainly from the observed interactions, it was accomplished. Pastor Brock is the Pastor at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church and the President of the I. M. A. ( Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance). We celebrate the men and women of God of the I. M. A. And wish them the greatest of God's blessings in the new year!

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