North End Hand Car Wash And Word of Faith Ministries Host 3rd Annual Free Christmas Dinner!

Stickney Ave. has a rich history in North Toledo with a group of people who remembers how it use to be and are destined to bring back those happy days.

Christmas Day is a day when families gather to enjoy the ambiance of families and the season, when getting together is paramount.

However, the Sutton family, who grew up in North Toledo, has committed to once again, doing what makes sense to help those in need, especially during the holiday. All that they ask was to just show up at their doors, be hungry, come on in, and dine with them for a delicious Christmas meal.

Word of Faith Ministries, Bishop Kevin and Pastor Terri Sutton, partnered with their son, Demorrus Bankston Sr., Owner of the North End Car Washing Detailing, for their third year providing this meal. Pastor Sutton stated that when the doors opened at 12 noon, families walked in to dine with them on this day. She stated that the doors of the church are always open for members of the community to walk in and they always want to be ready to meet a need. She stated that even though this was a special day for them and others in attendance, she found herself having to offer prayers for a young woman who walked in announcing that she had cancer and a few days left to live. They offered up prayers, fed her, and encouraged her to continue to believe that God is a healer and is able.

Mr. Bankston, Owner, stated that he has seen what his parents do on a regular basis and wanted to pair up with them to provide a meal for the less fortunate. In fact, he did not want to think about himself on Christmas, he wanted to think about others and that is what he did. His mother, Pastor Terri Sutton, stated that "even though Jesus is the reason for the season", we have to think of others who are less fortunate than we are. Matthew 25:35 states that we are to feed, clothed, visit the sick and those in prison. Word of Faith is attempting to do just that. She believes that the purpose of their ministry is to help young men and women find their purpose through the word of God.

When the doors opened, from 12 noon to 4 PM, more than 20 families walked in and shared their gratitude for the meal. Word Of Faith Church is located at 2911 Stickney Ave. The regular services at the church take place at 11:00 each Sunday.

Mr. Bankston, Bishop Kevin and Pastor Terri Sutton, extends their thanks to the Volunteers who helped with the meal, as well as a great big thanks to the families who showed up for the delicious meal. We pray continued blessings on The Suttons and those who made this day a gift to the community. Season's greetings!

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