TRULIGHT CATHEDRAL CHURCH: Transitioning On Purpose!

While some walked in to Trulight Cathedral Church on Prouty Ave. Sunday morning with mixed emotions, others walked in with a made up mind to GO and GO with a sense of

direction, a sense of having received their godly heritage from a son and daughter whom God had blessed for 17 years, while others yet promised to be obedient to what God had called them to do. That man and woman of God are Bishop Gregory and Pastor Sheila Early.

After seventeen years and a voice crying out to Pastor Sheila, she has transitioned from Pastoring Trulight to be about the business of the Lord with greater insights on reaching more of the lost. Pastor Early has a rich history of reaching out and evangelism so this is not new to her in these endeavors. Her feeding pantry of many years ago, the prison ministry of ministering to those behind bars, her school of ministry and much, much more, has positioned her to make this transition quite comfortably. December 31st was the last day of services at the church. Many gathered to say hello and goodbye to Bishop and Pastor.

Pastor Early stated that this was not an easy decision for her but she knows that what God has for her is for her. She makes no light reference to the souls, the families, and the children that she has seen grow up and grow in the Lord. She believes that this is the real beauty in Pastoring God's people to see them come in, some broken, some confused, and some eager to know Jesus and know more about Jesus, but this one thing that she is sure of and that is: GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO TRULIGHT! She and Bishop have been very committed to the ministry and it showed tremendously through the kisses, hugs, tears, and smiles that filled the room during the accolades that were shared and given to them.

In fact, the evidence of being absolute sure of what God is doing in this season of Bishop and Pastor Early, the scripture that was the theme for the day was taken from Matthew 28:19 which reads:" Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"! The service was titled The Journey. Each person sharing in the service was given a description of what happens on a JOURNEY, i.e. VALLEY of Announcements by Sister Yolanda brown, HILL of Worship by Trulight Praise Dancers, PATH of Giving, Min. Kathy Gregory, ROAD of Victory by KidZone Ministry, WINDING ROADS of Praise and Worship and WORDS for the Journey, Min. Latoya Douglas, and RIVERS OF LIFE by Bishop Marjorie Holt, Eld. James "Skip" Anderson and members of Trulight. Min. Michelle Adams conducted the Devotion.

Pastor Early's JOURNEY continues. She will begin her Podcast on January 20th and invites all to stay tuned to her NEXT DIMENSION IN GOD! We bless God for Bishop Gregory and Pastor Sheila Early in their 17 years of Pastoral service to the Body of Christ! Just know Pastor Early that we believe that GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING and ITS GOOD! We love you.

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