2018 Harvest Conference Sets The Stage For Greater at St. John C.O.G.I.C.

Some people have their minds made up about what they are going to do in the new year while others are still pondering and reviewing what they actually did the previous year. Greater St. John C. O. G. I. C. had a few things in mind when they once again hosted their 10th annual Harvest Conference, with the future commitments for this new year to be filled with promise and satisfaction.

Superintendent Johnny Hobbs, Jr. Pastor, believes that a giving person is a receiving person and the responsibility as a Shepherd is to guide the flock from lack to abundance that can be achieved through one's faithfulness as a "good steward" over the blessings that have been bestowed upon them from the Lord. The focus of the conference is generally derived in the subject matter FIRST FRUITS, which is a biblical reference relating to the FIRST of all things being offered to God, Exodus 22:29; Leviticus 2:12, Exodus 23: 16 and more.

What and how they perceived and even more, received, could have been engulfed through their participation in the three days of glorious teaching and preaching that was designed to enrich each of their lives. And as it was, Evangelist Beverly Lyles, a member of the church, spoke as to how she had been impassioned through the services. The Conference began on Saturday morning, January 6 with a Prayer Breakfast where Superintendent Hobbs was the keynote Speaker. His text was taken from John 12: 23-24, 27 and subject: WHAT IS YOUR CAUSE?

Sunday evening the Conference continued with Pastor Sandy Wells of New Faith Baptist Church, who spoke from Matthew 9: 35-38 which focused on ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP IN ORDER TO GO UP. Closing out the Conference on Tuesday evening was Pastor Daniel Cunningham, of United Community C. O. G. I. C. His subject focused on FAITHFULNESS, DONT KNOW HOW TO QUIT. A major point of reference that he made was that one should not practice before getting to church rather come to church to give God praise and all that is due him.

Greater St. John and Pastor Hobbs expresses their gratefulness for those who participated in the Conference and were in attendance, making this year's conference once again a huge success. We bless God for Greater St. John and pray God's blessings upon them to continue in the things which God has given them to do!

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