Let The People Speak!

Bishop Holt, Thank you very much. I appreciate your service to the Christian Community!..L.T.

  • Dear Interfaith Gazette Staff, I just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing you are and have been to our Faith based community. We definitely needed your paper to step up our game in our churches and ministries. Thanks again and we are praying for your success!...........B. F.

  • Dr. Holt, I just want you to know that the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper ROCKS!....Dianne

  • Dr. Holt, I am always impressed with faith-based publications. With very little resources, staff and sometimes support from the community they serve, they do a great work with very little thanks for their service. Thanks you for a job well done. This may be a FREE publication, but it's not cheap! I look forward to reading each edition of the Interfaith Gazette in 2018....Darryl P

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