Liberty Ministries Celebrates 15 Years With Pastor William L. Lucas

Many people have a testimony but all testimonies are not the same. And this is what we can find when speaking with one Pastor whose history sprang from Vance Street to Nebraska Avenue and beyond. It is no secret when you speak to Pastor WILLIAM L. LUCAS, that his foundation is rooted and grounded with the legacy of the great late Bishop William Morgan James of the St. James Holiness Church of God In Christ.

When looking back in time and reflecting back on the making of giants and great men and women of God, Pastor Lucas falls in the list of those whom were mentored by Bishop James. He had a unique role with Bishop, he was his Adjutant and was commissioned to preach the gospel through the many years of teaching and training that prepared him for his fifteen years of Pastoral Leadership at Liberty Ministries.

This year the church chose to select a theme that is reflective of how Pastor Lucas leads the people of God and how he prepares them for service. The theme selected was BORN WITH A PURPOSE, HAS A VISION AND PLAN, taken from the scripture Ephesians 1:11. And on May 6, the echoes of the saints were “ Let the celebration begin”! Many family and friends gathered at the church on Markway Dr. to celebrate the life and love of this man of God. Co-horts in the ministry gathered from far and near in an effort, collaboratively, to pay homage to Pastor Lucas. One of those who traveled to spend this time with him was Overseer Rodney L. Thomas, Overseer from Lorain, Oh. and Pastor of The Body Of Christ Church, stated that it was a blessing for him to share in this occasion. He has known Pastor Lucas and First Lady Elaine for about five years and they have developed a relationship that has blossomed into them sharing in each others lives. He stated that he believes that it was just God that brought them together because he had spent several years attending the Latter Rain services under the leadership of the late Bishop William M. James.

This celebration was the beginning of a time of fellowship that will continue throughout the month. On May 27th at 2:00 PM, at Black Pearl Restaurant, 4630 Heatherdowns, family and friends are invited to share in a meal with Pastor Lucas, First Lady Elaine, family and the Liberty church Family. Pastor Lucas expresses great appreciation for those who shared in his service and those who will attend the Dinner of Celebration on the 27th of this month.

It appears from all indication that the Lord blessed the services and the fellowship of the saints getting together. May God bless you Pastor Lucas and Lady Elaine as you continue in the work of the Lord. Your labor has not been in vain. Bless you!

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