Is The Church In Chaos: Ask This Group Of Pastors!

If you have spent anytime in a church service during this time of transitioning, you might have a series of questions that you could possibly consider asking someone who has been commissioned to serve the people of God: The Pastor!

As the church transcends and churchgoers attempt to make sense of what is real, relevant, and experienced in weekly gatherings in God’s house, it has become significantly difficult to gain a mutual response to the fragile, sensitive topic of today., The Chaos, The Challenge, The Church.

Ask this group of Pastors, Preachers, and Leaders for their perspective and continue to pursue the topic with another group of Leaders In the Making: Our Youth! Compare the responses, contribute to the discussion, and reveal your insight.

Is The Church in Chaos, Ask This Group Of Potential Leaders!

The youth of today has a myriad of relevant thoughts, decisions, and perspectives that make sense, at least to them. However, I believe that we can learn a lot from their thinking and responses to behaviors that often times require little thought to, it seems, when the results are either announced or experienced.

Ask this group of potential Leaders for their perspective and continue to pursue the topic. Compare responses and have fun with discussions of relevance as the Church continues to flourish, transcend, and become as relevant in this hour, as it was always suppose to do. Bless you as you ponder your responses to this meaningful topic of the day!

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