New Faith Baptist Church Has A New Home!

The summer is a special time for special events to take place by all who looks for opportunities to enjoy months of sunshine, and in the case of Toledo, much rain. However, with all of the joys, smiles, and hugs provided, New Faith Baptist Church, who has been in existence for 8 years, has found a home that they want to call HOME!

In a much sought after time of prayer, Pastor Sandi Wells stated that he had been seeking God after many years of even starting the church in his own home, as to where he could lead the people of God, out of storefronts into an erected church building with all of the appearances of being a church. He found one.

Because of the change and excitement about what God had done in the lives of the congregation at New Faith, Pastor Wells, under the leadership of his Astor for years, Superintendent Johnny Hobbs, Jr., had the church building dedicated on Sunday, August 12th. In an evening service, Pastor welcomed the saints and friends who had gathered to witness this great celebration.

Upon entering the building, it was evident that New Faith had made themselves comfortable in their new home. Smiles greeted you at the door, Music was inviting, and the ambiance said "you are welcome"! As the services progressed, it was the time to share the excitement with the congregation as Greater St. John C. O. G. I. C. choir had rendered songs of praise which served as the prelude into the introduction of the Speaker for the day by Evangelist Beverly Lyles. She presented the MOG who would bring word, Superintendent Hobbs. He focused a lot on why it is important to smile when one enters the house of God and how it opens the door for others to feel embraced and welcomed. He also stated that it was a joy for him to dedicate the building for one of his sons in the gospel.

New Faith has an Outreach Ministry that provides food and clothing on a monthly basis. They also provided a free for all neighborhood barbecue on Saturday where the neighbors attended and were welcomed to also attend the church services. Pastor Wells stated that he is open to those of you whose looking for a friendly group of people to worship with on Sunday morning.

Now the NEW HOME is located at 705 Lodge Ave., the past home of Bethesda Christian Center. The order of service is Sunday School at 10:00 A.M. followed by Morning Worship at 11:30 A. M. We celebrate Pastor Wells and the congregation of New Faith Baptist Church. May God continue to bless you.

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