Restoration Has Finally Come!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

Restoration is a big word with big meaning. One group means what it says and says what it means in their Restoration Convention August 8-11 at the MT. Hope Church of Jesus Christ.

When entering the room during the Praise and Worship, one knew that they had entered a very worthwhile, well meaning service that would erupt in melodious praise, that brought a unity fellowship amongst the attendees that continued to explode throughout the rest of the evening.

As noted, the service on Thursday evening was designated as Men’s night, which was described as an opportunity to lift up the men who were in attendance, as well as to help them understand the importance of getting in and staying in their rightful place, at home, the church and in the community.

Overseer Rosetta Haynes, Pastor of MT. Hope, had called in a powerful speaker to walk in those shoes on this night. Elder Greg LeFlore of Deliverance Temple, Chicago, Il. who fulfilled that position and brought a powerful word to the men as well as other attendees in the house. The Convention certainly set the bar high for those hearing the word and being a part of such an impactful service. The message was taken from Nehemiah and Mark suggesting that strength is possible when one relies heavily on God when encountering difficult situations and not on themselves, realizing that with all that one might have, he/she still needs the Lord to survive.

The services had many power pack Preachers for the week. Pastor Patricia Smith of Trinity Deliverance Center, Pastor David King of Living Word Community Church, and others. Overseer Rosetta Haynes closed out the convention on Friday night as the Keynote Speaker. MT. Hope Church of Jesus Christ is located at 1122 Bronson St. May God continue to bless Overseer Haynes as she and the congregation move forward in God!

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