A Leadership Alliance at The Worship Center: It Was Intentional!

From around the country they came, they basked, they sought after, they shared and did not spare, and the rest is history.

The Worship Center was Host to many Men and Women of God who came in to celebrate with and sit at the feet of Bishop Patricia McKinstry and other Men of God for two days to be poured into and hear the wisdom that God spoke through them. And as time passed during the 48 hours, it became clear that the mission was set in motion and would be achieved. To hear from God, to impart, and to leave better off than they came was MISSION POSSIBLE!

Apostles, Bishops, Pastors, Prophets, Prophetesses, Elders, Overseers, Evangelists, Ministers, Teachers, Musicians, Staff and Leaders, all came with the expectation that they would be more enriched and fulfilled when they would have left Toledo. Bishop McKinstry conducted the workshop for Pastors Only, where she provided spiritual uplifts and tools that would increase their thirst and fervor in sustaining their churches and ministries. Other workshops were also conducted for the Elders, Deacons, Musicians, and Staff, providing enrichment and tools on how to progress the vision that God had given each participant serving in a leadership role.

Some of the guest who shared their gifts and talents with the awaiting congregants were: Prophet Brian Mosley, the well known music minstrels Byron Cage and Micah Stampley, Apostle Dwayne Hardin, and son of Bishop McKinstry, Pastor Luther McKinstry, who had brought Leaders from his ministry at The Worship Center, Atlanta. And one of those Elders, Roland Hairston, was instrumental in leading one of the classes on Church Growth and Stability. He stated that "the gathering of the Leaders was life changing, in the sense that it was so awesome to be in a free worship service not bound by program. There was tangible, spiritual, practical methodologies as to how to build, along with a wonderful fellowship".

Another guest who had come from Atlanta, Ga. as well, was Apostle Dwayne Hardin, Pastor of The Embassy Church. He stated that he believes " that Leaders were encouraged to operate in dignity, integrity, and class in ministry. He further believes that Leaders were refreshed, given space to develop, and left with new energy to go further". There were also local Pastors who had been pivotal in the foundational planning of this Leadership Event, that included Bishop John Williams, Bishop Nolan White and Pastor Tabitha White, Pastor Copeland from Fostoria and Pastor Chance from Fremont.

Bishop McKinstry stated that the two days of glory were filled with much anticipation that God would speak and he did. She stated that this service was different from previous ones that had taken place with the Pastors, in that classes were offered for Pastors, Elders, Musicians, Deacons, Staff and others in a leadership role. During the service, it was notable that Bishop McKinstry had just received the Achievement Award that was granted by President Barack Obama in 2016 that was presented during the service.

We celebrate Bishop Patricia McKinstry on the success of the Leadership Alliance with Ministers and Leaders from cross denominational reformations, roles, and cities from across this country. May God continue to bless you as you lead, guide, and impart to men and women of God!

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