Dr. Eugene Sanders: A Man Called On Purpose!

Many Toledoeans remember the person responsible for making it happen for the children at Toledo Public Schools and community of Toledo, to enter NEW SCHOOLS. That person is Dr. Eugene Sanders, A Man Called On Purpose.

On a recent visit to his hometown, I had the pleasure of attending a service at the church at which Dr. Sanders is the 1st Associate Pastor, Emmanuel Temple, where he serves with his brother, Bishop Rufus Sanders, Ph. D. To my amazement and unknowingly, Dr. Eugene was the speaker of the hour for the morning service. As the service progressed and the spirit emanated throughout the building, the choir sang their songs of celebration in an all out jubilant manner that resonated throughout as attendees joined in with foot stomping, hands elevated, and smiles of joy.

Looking around the building one couldn't stop noticing how happy individuals were on this Sunday morning. And as the time of fellowship continued, it was noticeable that there were some familiar faces from the Toledo area. One face that stood out in the crowd was that of Elder Harold Ray, once a citizen of Toledo, who now resides in the Columbus area, as well as an Elder at Emmanuel Temple. Toledo remembers Elder Ray as the Owner of the well known food restaurant, Shrimp Hut, once deemed as the best Shrimp to eat in town.

The message, as provided by Dr. Eugene on this day, was one of assurance to the people of God to know that "THE LORD IS ON YOUR SIDE", taken from the book of Joshua. Dr. Sanders' message highlighted the significance of staying with God and believing that as a child of God one's relationship guarantees him/her the success needed in life.

It is apparent that this man of God knows the God of his salvation. He is confident that what God has for him is for him. His commitment to the children at Sandusky Public Schools, as their Superintendent, is just as diligent as his mission was with the children in Toledo. He has also embarked upon building new schools in Sandusky. It is no doubt in my mind that he will accomplish just what he has set out to do there as well. May God bless you Dr. Sanders as you journey. And for what God is and has done in your life, you are A Man Called On Purpose!

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