Pastor John P. Kee: Still A Giant In The Music World

Sunday's are just joyful days and nothing could be said more about a Sunday that one spends at the New Life Fellowship Church in Charlotte, N. C. with the one and only Pastor John P. Kee.

As one nears the building that has been repurposed from being just a gymnasium to an all purpose, ministry tower, the evidence became clear that one was entering a place that would be filled with c

heers and music, and that it was. Having completed our mission in Charlotte at the Women's Conference, it was sure to be infused with an exit filled with the likes of Pastor John P.

The music was phenomenal and filled your heart with the symphonic sounds of music by Pastor John P. that the Praise and Worship Team sang in a melodic way.

The New Life Fellowship Choir reminded us of just how important the role of the music by Pastor Kee played in the lives of choirs, soloists, and groups around the country for many years. The sounds still maintain a joyful presence that continues to keep ones mind on who the writer and composer truly is. There was no sound like the sound of Pastor John P. Kee and the Fellowship choir.

As Pastor Kee approached the podium for the message of the day, it was evident that his arrival made a difference in the respondents. The attendees were up and on their feet as he began to sing from his repertoire of songs. He reminded the people of God of the good ole days when everyone was grateful to be in God's house just to praise him for what he had done in making a way for them.

Pastor Kee is also starring in a movie that is being produced about his life that is titled The Last Song. It will be forthcoming and the date of release will be announced later. New Life Fellowship Church is very active and involved in the community. It has several ministries aimed at keeping the youth in the city involved. It has an academy, basketball, praise dancers, and after school programs. It also serves seniors in their weekly meetings and annual events.

It is honorable to see ministry going forth in an inclusive manner at New Life Fellowship Church. The role that music plays at the church is exemplary and attributed to the legend Pastor John P. Kee. We celebrate his life and the music that many of us came to love and respect. May God continue to bless you Pastor Kee and New Life Fellowship Church. We love you!

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