People's Missionary Baptist Church Shows It's Love For People!

Saturday has a way of bringing people together for many, many reasons. However, on this Saturday People's Missionary Baptist Church had a great idea that included "people in the neighborhood ".

Pastor Michael Key and the congregation at People's had community in mind when they started an annual COMMUNITY FUN DAY some years ago for the purpose of getting to know the neighbors and giving back on a day when they could connect and reconnect for some good eating, music, and fun. Several had gathered to enjoy the fellowship and to hear about what's happening in the neighborhood, along with learning about the creation of the Sacred Garden Project and the Prayer Park, a welcoming place for persons to engage in prayer when he/she does not want to come to the house of God.

One person who is committed to making this day happen is Anita Madison, who is excited about the future partnership with the City of Toledo, Land Bank, who provided an opportunity for them to gain access to the land so that the community could engage in some quiet time and share a prayer. The church has also embarked upon other collaborations with community organizations to utilize the resources and the expertise of them in sharing their Native plants and other things that are good for the environment. They will also provide mentoring through the process, sharing their expertise to the Garden Project.

When speaking with Pastor Key, he shared that he looks forward to this day because it allows the church to give back to the community, along with having an opportunity to communicate with the neighbors. He was impressed to develop the Prayer Park after communicating with them. He stated that the seed was planted for the Park as a result of them stating that they felt undeserving of being a part of an assembly because of their lifestyle. He stated that his intent with the Park is to encourage them to pray, even if they do not walk through the doors of a traditional church.

Congratulations to Pastor Key and the members of People's Missionary Baptist Church for a great contribution to the neighborhood and the community. We pray God's blessings upon the fruit of your labor!

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