A Black History Celebration That Features Local Unsung Heroes!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

Sunday evening at The Premier Banquet Complex On Heatherdowns Blvd, hundreds gathered to honor those who are rarely honored by anyone or a few stated the Visionaire, Dr. Cedric Brock, also Pastor of the Voice Of Hope Outreach Ministry, an extended arm of the Mt. Nebo Baptist Church.

As the crowd gathers, it was evident that each person entering the building was anticipating that their support of family, and or friends who were being honored, would resonate in a meaningful manner throughout the evening. Applauds, smiles, hugs, and head nods all captured the moments as names were called of each honoree. The Master of Ceremonies for this year Again was Bro. Larry Jones, who always bring the humor and laughter to this memorable occasion.

Twenty two persons were honored. They were Dr. Karen M. Adams Ferguson, Sister Barbara Allison, Mother Marcella Cook, Sister Collette Crosby, Sister Barbara Crowell, Mother Mary Dunning, Sister Michelle Furr, Deacon Chris Gayle, Sister Vickie Green-Horsley, Sister Julia Holt, Pastor Michael Key, First Lady Laverne Knigthen, Sister Levon Rayford, Sister Freddie Roberson, Sister Lorena Roberts, Sister Carolyn Robinson, Mother Gertrude Robinson, First Lady Sharisse Rowell, Brother Edward Sanders, First Lady Norma Savage, Sister Adrian Thomas, First Lady Co-Pastor Rita Winfrey, and Pastor Alberta Witcher.

The evening programme was highly charged with the welcome by Deacon Alan Crawford, selection by First Lady Debra Brock, a special presentation from Nikki Brown as Nikketa Sugarfoot, Invocation by Rev. Ronald Railey, Pastor of the St. Paul A. M. E. Zion Church. The youth ministry of the Mt. Nebo Baptist Church provided ministry in song/dance and Sister Geraldine Scrutchins presented the Honorees. Pastor Cedric Brock at the end of the program gave remarks and the benediction.

Pastor Brock stated that this 18th year celebration has a richness about it and is grateful for the sponsors who contribute to make it a success. He also thanks the team who provides so much support in bringing this to fruition. May God bless you Dr. Brock as you continue to bless the community!

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