The Goose that Lays Golden Eggs

I have talked to thousands of people in my 32 years owning and operating my insurance agency. I ask all of my clients. The question comes after they purchase automobile, home or business insurance. The big question is if you had a goose and the goose laid golden eggs; what would you insure? Would you insure the goose? Or would you insure the golden eggs.

To a person, I cannot think of anyone, with good sense, if given the option would insure the Golden Eggs and leave The Goose Uninsured. Yet everyday people insure their things. The golden eggs is what people insure. The producer of the golden eggs, themselves, they sometime do not insure. It would be like if you had a machine that produced money. Let’s say your money machine could produce as many legal dollars as you wanted it to. Then let’s say you could insure either one. You could insure the money that the machine produced. Or you could insure the machine that produces the money. Ninety nine percent of the people that you’d talk to would insure the money making machine. That is because as long as you had the money making machine you could get all of the money that you want.

In life people insure all of the golden eggs. People insure their vehicle. Even though in 15 years or less that forty, fifty, hundred thousand dollar vehicle will be worthless and probably not even run. People will insure their home when the statistical probability of their home catching fire, blowing down or burning down is almost irrelevant.

You have a 100% probability of dying. Yet the vast number of people either do not have any life insurance on themselves. Most people do not have insurance on their children, grandchildren, mother or grandmother. Yet all of them will pass away, some day.

Chances are if you have life insurance it is not enough. Often people unknowingly buy life insurance that will expire before they die. Most people do not have a will, durable power of attorney or health power of attorney.

People have an almost 75% chance of being sick or hurt before they turn sixty five. Yet most people do not have a policy in place to pay their bills when they get sick or hurt. Most people do not have enough saved up to stay financially alive if they were to lose their job.

Most people think that their work insurance is enough. When in fact most people today are not going to keep the same job until they retire.

Self-employed people think that their business will stay alive, even though they are hurt and cannot run it. In fact a single proprietorship, run by the principal owner, stops running when the owner stops.

Most Preachers without plans to the contrary think the church will continue to pay them even if they cannot preach anymore.

Some people that tithe and go to church think the church will pay all of their bills if they get laid off, sick, or hurt. In most cases it cannot.

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