Because Of Who You Are, Have You Made A Difference?

I get up every morning at four O'clock and drive down to my office, and after I have done my morning prayer and Bible reading, I sit alone and meditate, asking several questions: Who am I? Am I Floyd Rose really? Am I the clothes that I am wearing, the shoes on my feet. Am I somebody else?

Where did I come from? I don't mean what is my ethnicity, or culture, or city, state, or the United States. I have a source that is beyond Valdosta Georgia, or even America. I came from from somewhere and someone else. He who made me from the beginning, gave me purpose for my life.He made me to be what I am, and who I am.

My purpose then is to please Him who made me. My obedience to Him is His responsibility for me. Since I did not make myself, I am not my own, and don't belong to myself. I belong to the One who made me. He is my source and He gives me my resources with which to live. When He finishes with me, the resources will dry up, and I will return to the Source. He will then decide whether I have carried out his purpose.

My success in this life is predictable, and depends on my willingness to carry out His purpose. My failure is also predicable, and depends on my unwillingness to decide to accept Him who made me.

I,therefore, need not worry about anything. The birds of the air are provided for, and so are the fish in the sea. And God says that I am more important to Him than they. My daughter, Jennifer, who flew down to Valdosta to be with her father on Easter, was at Bible study at the East-side Church Of Christ, said something interesting. She said, "God has reserved in me a space only for Himself and if I try to fill it with anything or anybody else, whether is is drugs, alcohol, or men, I will be miserable, and may never know why." Jennifer was right.

The basic difference in us and the birds that fly trough the air, and the fish that swim in the sea, is instinct. Birds instinctive fly, and fish instinctively swim. However, I have something that is called free will. If I chose to fly, I build an air plane and fly. If I want to swim, I simply get in the water and swim. It is my choice.And. if in all of my ways, I acknowledge Him,. He will direct my paths."Yes. my obedience to Him is his responsibility for me

Unfortunately, everybody wants to be accepted, so we dress like everybody else. talk like everybody else, and we often ask, what do others think? So, we put our fingers in the air to see which way the wind is blowing, before we make a decision. We don't want to be different. But only the different people in the world ever make a difference in the world.

Floyd Rose

Senior Servant

Serenity Church

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