Our Hometown's Best Kept Secret: THE 300 CLUB

Sunday is a special day still for families who understand the power of togetherness, sitting down at a table for a delicious meal engaging in "talk time" around the table.

Well, The 300 Club at 3304 Collingwood Blvd., seeks to remind us of how special a shared meal with family and friends, rounded off with great sounds of music, completes the week on a high note. EVERY 2ND & 4TH SUNDAY!

Years ago Mr. James and Dr. Helen Cook, had a great idea that moved from an idea to a reality. They did something with it that seemingly was always intended to bring and keep families in our community together. The basic concept of The 300 Club was to offer the community an opportunity to fellowship via the utilization of one of the halls for banquets, reunions, repast, birthday parties, family gatherings, wedding receptions, retirement dinners, and more at a nominal cost. The recent resurgence of providing a delicious meal on Sunday started in October. Even though the Club is expanding to offer this food service to the community, the word is resonating with friends and fellow members, whose goal is to spread the word about the BEST KEPT SECRET IN OUR HOMETOWN!

Dr. Cook stated that springing back from losing her husband in 2017, who was the rock for the business, has been stressful, yet she remains committed to maintaining and carrying out the vision that was set in motion many years ago. The Club is seeking to accommodate all who uses the facility for their venues. However, SUNDAY BRUNCH & BUFFET WITH ENTERTAINMENT, is the latest thing going at Club 300 with smiles that meet you at the door.

On a recent Sunday visit there, I was surprised at such ambiance that takes your breath upon entering the door. Eating in elegance and being fed in excellence are just two promises that I can guarantee that you will experience at The 300 Club. I personally invite you to share with your church family, your family and friends this delightful, delectable, delicious meal that has no end to its uninhibited taste. The menu is unlimited. It provides you an array of items that include yet not limited to Beef, Chicken, Fish, Fried Corn, Greens, Mac and Cheese, Yams, Salads, Assorted Breads, and non-alcoholic drinks; all for the price of $16.00 per person. The musical talent for the club on this Sunday was provided by the Glass City Disciples, who reminded us of how grateful God is in songs of inspiration.

The SUNDAY BRUNCH & BUFFET begins at 12 Noon and continues throughout the evening until 9 PM with talented, local Artists in a JAM SESSION. Make your way on SUNDAY after leaving your church service, to the 300 Club, 3304 Collingwood Blvd. Please call them to book your events at 419.255.8375 or 419.902.0084. Remember this takes place EVERY 2ND & 4TH SUNDAY @12 Noon - 5 PM. We'll see you there! Congratulations Dr. Cook and Staff for a great meal and time of sharing with families and friends! The SECRET IS OUT, CLUB 300 is alive and well!

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