Pathway Forges Ahead With Board Member's Support

Pathway has been serving the community of Toledo and surrounding areas for many years, providing services that are designed to help the consumers get to their next level in life. Many of the participants in the programs offered, have continuously utilized the services for the commitment that Pathway provides on a consistent basis.

Recently the agency, under the leadership of its Board, took on the stepping up acumen to elevate its role by ensuring that Pathway continues to serve the community in a viable manner. It held a Fundraiser to contribute to the overall financial preamble that would provide the service precedence that they adhere to. The Fundraiser, under the leadership of Board Chair, Elgin Rogers, was a success and will continue to be a part of the Board's commitment to sustainability. He states that two consecutive years of 100% full Board financial participation has been achieved. He commends the Board, Pathway Staff and all of the Sponsors and contributors for their support. He believes that Pathway is making a difference in the lives of our neighbors and friends. Special thanks to Mr. Rickie Willis, Fundraising Chairman of the event.

Some of the services offered at Pathway are: Fatherhood, Home Energy, Workforce Development, Education,Seniors and Disabled, Empowerment Services and more. The services are truly designed to support and build the community. They list their VALUES as the following: SERVICE, PARTNERSHIP, STEWARDSHIP and HOPE! Their services are critical to sustenance for some families, as recent statistics show that 27.7% of Toledo is living below the poverty line; 43.1% of families with children under 5 were deemed poor; and 50% of children are living on public assistance. Your support is needed and vital to continue to enhance the quality of life for families and children of Toledo.

Ms. Cheryl Grice is the Executive Director at Pathway. They are located at 505 Hamilton St., Toledo. You can access services or VOLUNTEER by calling them at 419.242.7304


• To reduce poverty by inspiring hope and delivering services to those who seek self-sufficiency.

Our Mission Statement:

PATHWAY reduces poverty by providing comprehensive services that create pathways to self-sufficiency.

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