Serenity Church Springs Into High Gear In A Spring Revival!

Tuesday night on Woodstock Ave. soared with one church that left its mark on the corner with praises that rang out to welcome in Spring in a hallelujah, jubilant way.

Serenity Church and Bishop M. C. McGhee, vowed to happily exercise their right as people of God who "just want to praise God" in their own way, by welcoming Pastor Stan Thomas of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Detroit, Mi. to be the Revivalist for the three days that would be set aside to preach the word of God in a powerful manner.

The songs of praise, the hands of affirmation, and the rousing Yes Lord, all had their place in attendees showing gratefulness for being a part of the revival. Many had made their way to the house of God to be a part of this highly spirited, charged atmosphere that would radiate itself throughout the building. Also joining in the revival was Superintendent Dan Cunningham and the United C. O. G. I. C., who shares a significant role in the life of the Guest Speaker for the week. You see Superintendent Cunningham spoke about how he came to know Pastor Thomas many years ago when listening to him preach on the radio in Detroit and introducing him to the Toledo area after getting to know him.

If Tuesday night was any indication as to how the rest of the week would end, it is no doubt that Serenity Church would have many wonderful days ahead to thank God for the worship experience that the6 encountered. Pastor Thomas spoke from the book of 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18. He encouraged the Body of Christ to be mindful of the instructions that had been given to REJOICE EVERMORE, PRAY AND GIVE THANKS!

God bless you Bishop McGhee as you continue to lead the people of God and empower them with the word of God! Again, we give God the glory!

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