The Birthing Of Ministries Promoted At Second Baptist

Psalm 75: 6 reads: "For Promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. It is God who judges; he brings one down, he exalts another." This scripture was synonymous of what took place at Second Baptist Church last month during a service of jubilee where several men and women of God who made their election sure, matriculated into a higher calling on their lives.

The service which was set aside for this day by Pastor Jerry Boose, who identified that these men and women of God had attended classes and committed to following instructions once they had announced their calling

to serve in ministry. God used the Pastor to elevate these persons, as stated by the Guest Speaker for the service, Dr. Brehon Hall, of the New Psalmist Church on Glendale Avenue.

Dr. Hall chose to speak from the scripture II Kings 6: which focused on the relationship between Elisha and Elijah, the Prophet who was sent by God to the Brook of Cherith, a place that dried up. However, he chose as his subject to speak to the elevated, How are you going to handle Elijah's Anointing? Bishop Hall cautioned the church and those aspiring to serve in ministry, to not go after something that your character cannot handle. He spoke this truth as well, that the Ecclesia has been led by people and not by God; their focus has been that of popularity and not power. The church has become driven by what they believe will get them titles without commitment to serve God and obey his word. A powerful word preached by Bishop Hall was well received by the church and the newly promoted Ministers.

Those persons who were promoted are Elder Terrance Pounds, Minister Lanita Roberts, and Minister Lorrine Bartley. Elder Aaron Murray and Elder Thomas Bell, received certificates for completing Bible School.

Congratulations to Pastor Boose and the persons who were licensed and ordained to further their call in ministry. May God continue to bless you as you progress in him, we celebrate your promotion.

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