Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance Hosts Its Annual Luncheon

May 1st was a day that prompted all local interested persons of influence that would take the time and yield to koinonia over a well prepared light lunch, as well as be a part of a fellowship that takes place to set the pace for the annual I. M. A. Conference that convenes at First Church Of God On Collingwood Blvd. for three nights, May 1st thru 3rd.

President Cedric Brock had rallied local preachers, politicians, educators, judges, and organizations to come together and celebrate this grand occasion, that made way for a great day to hear from sponsors who support the luncheon annually, as well as present their businesses and organizations to the attendees. As the room gathered with attendees from all points local, it was obvious that this day would prove to be just as it had in times past, uniquely filled with fun, laughter, smiles and handshakes. Some had come to introduce themselves to others announcing their bid and run for political seats, and others had come to share a meal with family, friends, and colleagues.

Dr. Otis Gordon has hosted this luncheon for several years and provided a heartfelt welcome to the attendees. Pastor Brock opened the door in his greetings to the sponsors, Politicians, and fellow co-laborers in the gospel. Minister Rowena Lee navigated the program, bringing laughter as well as instructions to the participants who would have remarks and share greetings.

The day was well spent in this gathering of eagles who landed a number of thumbs up for the success of the luncheon. We pray continued blessings upon Pastor Cedric Brock and the I. M. A. as they continue to do the work of the Lord. May God bless you.

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