Snitch Them Out!

Another Mother’s Day has passed and one Toledo Mother is still praying that the murderer of her son, Cethus Manning II, will be identified, arrested and brought to justice soon. Early one Tuesday morning Gwen Manning received the heart breaking news no mother ever wants to hear, her son had been killed.

He was not killed in an automobile accident, or a mishap at work; he was shot in the face by a cold blooded killer as he sat and talked with his girlfriend in front of her grandmother’s house.

Gwen describes her son, a Rogers High School Graduate, as a “Good Kid”. He had no criminal record. Yet someone plotted to take his life. His life was not taken in a fit of rage, or as an act of self- defense, it was cold blooded murder. The early morning shots that took young Manning’s life changed the lives of those who loved him forever. His birthday is now remembered at Woodlawn Cemetery. Sweet memories have to replace his voice and the presence of the love they forever miss.

Cethus Manning II was the eight homicide of 2017. His story is one of many unsolved murders in Toledo. These senseless killings must stop. But what can we as a community do?

Brothers and Sisters the time has come to snitch them out. Let the perpetrators(s) of this and other horrific crimes know they don’t run these streets. Inform on them, drop a dime, be a tipster. Do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do.

It is time for them to know and understand that there is a God Who sits high and looks low!

No longer must these cold blooded killers be allowed to sit at our tables, eat our bread, sleep in our beds, ride in our cars all while bragging about taking the life of another human being!

SNITCH them out! They must be exposed. Justice must and will come when the people of our community take a stand. If you know something, say something, or the blood of these victims is on your hands. There is nothing noble about keeping the secret of a murderer! Snitch Them Out! The taste of blood is in their mouths and they are thirsty for more! Oh, and by the way don’t think you are exempt from the havoc they wreak, these killers do not value life and the next life the take could be yours.

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