So What About the Black Woman

Slavery was built on the premise that the worst white man was better than the best black man. Male chauvinism is based on the premise that the most ignorant man is more intelligent and smarter than the intelligent and informed woman.

Sexism, like racism, has given men the right to define, confine, and control women. Men have decided where women can and cannot go, what they can and cannot do, and what they can and cannot become. We have created a society where the difference is not only noted, but we have taken advantage of it.

There is a frightening parallel between how blacks are treated in a white dominated world, and how women are treated in a male dominated society. Men believe that they are smarter and know better, and should be in charge. They have also convinced women that men are smarter and know better.

In order to control blacks, whites have had to do several things (1) convince themselves that they are smarter than blacks, know more than blacks, and are better for blacks. (2) They have to convince blacks that whites are smarter than blacks, know more than blacks, and blacks must, therefore, depend of them. So, through the years, blacks have feared, respected, and depended on whites for almost everything, and think that they cannot get along without them. So, blacks depend on whites for the food that they eat, the clothes that they wear, the houses that they live in, and the cars that they drive.

Like so, men have not only convinced women that they must depend on men for everything. They are the head, as they will gladly tell you, and must be in charge of their household. They forget, it seems, that the head cannot turn without the neck, and can go nowhere without the neck.

Until recently, women would not vote for themselves for anything. Now they are judges, congress persons, senators, and are running for president of the United States, something that was unthinkable a few years ago. In fact, almost half of the Democrats on the debate stage in Miami were women, and one of them was a black woman.

"And there we saw the giants, the sons of A-nak. and we were as grasshoppers in our own sight before them, and so we were in their sight." Number 13:33-King James version of the Bible.

Just as blacks too often see themselves as inferior to whites, and act accordingly, women see themselves as inferior to men in their own sight and act accordingly. They are, therefore,treated as such. This is evident in the black church more than anywhere else. Women, men believe, that they can control women as long as they can make them think that they must depend on them.

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