Bishop W. T. Myers Receives Master of Theology Degree!

Recently Bishop W. T. Myers, Bishop Extraordinaire and Presiding Prelate over the Holy Spirit Apostolic Church, committed to his life long dreams and goals that he made to himself many years ago as a young man, that he would accomplish what he set out to do ACADEMICALLY. And he did just that.

In 2017, Bishop Myers enrolled in Lourdes University where he studied and received his Bachelors degree in Religion. With the pursuit of achieving higher, he did not stop there and went on to complete his Master's degree this past July. In December of last year, Bishop Myers passed the mantle to one of his spiritual sons, Elder Jerome Strong, and daughter, Evangelist Deborah King, Assistant Pastor, to continue the vision at the Holy Spirit Apostolic Church.

Many of us remember Bishop Myers as the humble giant who pastored his churches with diligence and commitment to serve God and his people in an exemplary manner. Well, Bishop Myers did not stop at pursuing excellence just in a spiritual manner, he superbly personified that in his journey to achieve academically as well. When asking others to speak about him and his perseverance and endurance, one person stated: What can I say about this man? He is a giant in so many ways and a true gem to the Body of Christ, case closed, hands down!

Well, it is apparent that Bishop Myers has made his mark in a world where all things, no matter it's origin, can rise at any level that is chosen and ascribed to. We congratulate Bishop Myers and his accomplishments. Receiving a Master's degree cannot be achieved without the tenacity and commitment to complete it. We pray God's blessings upon you as you continue to pursue your next encounter upwards. We know that your present level of achievement has only positioned you to continue as you have stayed the course.

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