Health and Fitness Day At The River!

Our bodies are temples, gifts from God. We only get one. It is up to us to honor our temples through our actions - how we treat it and how we feed it.

Even when we have faith and pray for wellness and healing, there are certain works that need to be done on our end.

Eating the wrong foods and living a sedentary lifestlye won't allow the opportunity to live and be our best selves. Health, Fitness and Wellness require something of us.

Bishop John Williams and River of Life Church caught this vision wholeheartedly and hosted "Health and Fitness Day." Three health and

fitness experts dispensed vaulable knowledge to an enthusiastic and receptive audience.

After losing 160 pounds and adopting a fitness lifestyle, Sheila Howard (She Jag) is known in the Health and Weight Loss Community as a Fitness Influencer. Sheila shared the importance of meal prep and the benefits of juicing. Preparing meals in advance saves times, money, controls hunger and removes temptation to eat something unhealthy. Juicing can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help remove toxins from your body, aid digestion and aide in weight loss.

Sheila provided fresh green and carrot juice samples. The audience was surprised to discover how delicious the juices were.

Andre Gaston, Certified Personal Trainer of HIT Body By Dre shared the importance of exercise. Physical exercise provides energy, reduces the risk of many diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and improves quality of life. Many people are intimidated about working out in a gym while others just don't know how to start. No one begins a fitness lifestyle as an expert. Andre encouraged the people by letting them know they can begin a regimen from right where they are. He shared simple exercises - lunges, push-ups and jumping jacks - that can be done at home.

Andre demonstrated safe ways to perform the exercises that would yeild the most benefits.

Registered Nurse Zion Williams provided information concerning the necessity of Preventative Testing and Screenings. The audience was enlightened about the most common illnesses that are preventable and how they can be managed. Our community sufffers greatly from diabetes, obesity and heart disease - all illnesses that can be decreased with proper diet, exercise and with the abstinence of smoking tobacco. Zion demonstrated the simplicity of health screenings by performing typical health screenings on volunteers for Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

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