Local Congregation Loses It's Church To Fire!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

When one passes down Nebraska Avenue, it was all too familiar to look to the right and left and see the former Faithway . C. O. G. I. C. trimmed in blue at the doorway that served to welcome its attendees.

On Saturday, the one phone call that any Pastor or its congregation never wants to receive, Pastor Williamson received to the chagrin of its worshippers. The church was on fire. Many have stated that they believe that it was arson, which would be hard to live with in that the church had become such a light and fixture in that Nebraska corridor. The entire building was destroyed.

When speaking with residents surrounding the church, they were in dismay at losing the church because the members had served as a beacon, as well as a friendly reminder of what we have all been called to do, be kind to each other.

Pastor Delbert E. Williamson stated that the church will not be discouraged and will rebuild right where it went up in ruins. The community is praying for the recent Now Faith Worship Center, who changed it’s name awhile back.

A FUNDRAISER is scheduled for August 18th at Indiana Missionary Baptist Church at 5 PM. All are welcomed as the community comes together to support, pray, and bless this congregation.

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