Imaginations Run Wild At Imagine School!

School is in yeah, school days are here, yeah. This is what the doors rang out at Imagine School on Monday, August 19at 8:00 A. M. as parents walked through the doors with their children returning from the summer break.

To the amazement of the students, as they walked in, they met new faces who were there to greet them with smiles, handshakes, hugs, and applause upon their return to school. The eyes, faces, and arms all wore happy 😊 welcomes as they walked through the halls and corridor that led them to their classrooms. It was also a big surprise to parents who unexpectedly arrived with their children, some of which watched their child (ren) be greeted by strangers who did not hold back.

The Administrators had chosen this day as a new way to welcome the students back. The Hall was lined with professionals, Clergy, and executives who had taken the time to be a part of the WELCOME COMMITTEE AT IMAGINE.

Mrs. Lindsay Day, School Principal stated that they wanted to do this in an effort to show students that they are cared for by people who look like them and have achieved a high level of success. She stated that there are 4 Imagine Schools locally in the city and .........around the country.

Some of the professionals who shared the day welcoming the students were Robin Reese, Vallie Bowman-English, Bishop John Williams, Pastor Francine Brown, Pastor Richard Brown, III, Pastor Damon Horton, Councilwoman Yvonne Harper, Tina Gaston, Elder Gaston,

This day definitely was designed to welcome the students in a way that they would not only be excited about returning to school but would remember the smiles, hugs, and handshakes in the days and months ahead, as stated by the Coordinator of this event, Min. Mark Williams.

Imagine School students received a great send off to their teachers and classrooms.

Congratulations Min. Mark and Mrs. Day on a great school year ahead for Teachers and students!

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