Local Congregations Unite To Seed Into Now Faith's New Vision To Build!

When one passes down Nebraska Avenue in the future, what they will see is the former Faithway . C. O. G. I. C. and the present Now Faith Worship Center, working on its new building. Many of you know that the church was lost to a burning inferno last month and the community vowed to give Pastor Delbert Williamson and congregation a new beginning worth remembering on its way to rebuilding its future home.

Many believed that it was arson, however, this has not been publicly revealed at the time of this issue. The entire building was destroyed.

Pastor Delbert E. Williamson stated that the church will not be discouraged and will rebuild right where it went up in ruins. The community is praying for the recent Now Faith Worship Center, who changed it's name awhile back.

A FUNDRAISER that took place on August 18th at Indiana Missionary Baptist Church, welcomed local congregations who came together to raise funds. From all reports, interviews, and posts, it is apparent that the FUNDRAISER WAS A SUCCESS. I'm sure that Pastor Williamson and Now Faith appreciates the gift to the church in its future efforts to rebuild. Dr. Cedric Brock, I. M. A. President, stated that the service exceeded expectations and they were very proud of the community, Pastors, and Toledo who supported this effort.

We solicit prayers for Now Faith as they move forward. Thank you TOLEDO!

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