Not A Wedding Blessing Spared By A Father For His Daughter! (Tenille and Orlando You Are Married Now

Weddings are special times for all of us but one wedding that carried a weighty meaning for a daughter, father, mother and family, was that of Tenille Green, daughter of Father, Pastor Benjamin Green, which took place on Sunday, September 1st at New Covenant Baptist Church.

The ambiance was set for a grand occasion to be shared by the Green and Chidike families and friends who traveled from far to witness the glitz and glamor of a daughter whose parents had made their daughter's day: SPECTACULAR! And SPECTACULAR it was. The parents of the Groom, Cliff Calloway and Regina Lewis, along with other family members, had traveled to make this day special for Orlando and Tenille. The ceremony included a special rendition of The Lord's Prayer so beautifully rendered by Durrell, Jaron, and Emmanuel LeGrair, brothers who left an indelible impression on the attendees with such a unique presentation in song.

Pastor Benjamin Green knew that this day would have a special meaning to his daughter, but it carried even more of a special day for him because he not only got a chance to be the Bride's father but the one who would seal the wedding vows. His affection for his family is noteworthy, yet he and his daughter has always shared a special bond that surrounds their family.

The friends who gathered for this momentous service, with a special theme, COME FLY WITH US, knew that they would leave having experienced a wedding full of bliss, beauty, and fulfillment. Lights surrounded the sanctuary which symbolized the love that lights up this couple's love for each other.

You see this Wedding was one that has and will always have special relevance to both Tenille and Orlando. Both of them are Flight Attendants, who first met through a group called Black Flight Attendants United. When recalling some of the special moments shared by the couple, Orlando recalls having his best meal made by Tenille in her home town, Toledo. The couple has shared a five year relationship that has culminated in a loving relationship surrounded by family support, authenticity, and spiritual influence. The surprise came when Orlando arranged a surprise proposal to Tenille that comprised of friends in Miami who knew about a romantic boat ride that would result in him popping the question. Tenille had no idea what was going on she stated. She said that

" I had to pause from crying before I said yes"!

One would know that this couple's love for each other is a match unlike many others. Orlando stated that " Before Tenille, I said that I would never date a Flight Attendant. However, being with her has been the best decision, hands down".

Congratulations to Tenille Green and Orlando Chidike, as they began their lives together as husband and wife. The family and friends continued the wedding feast at a reception that took place at the Stranahan Hall. May God bless you bountifully in the years to come of sharing and caring. Bless you Pastor and Mrs. Green on a job well done!

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