Toledo African American Male Wellness Walk A Success!

When one thinks of healthcare, behaviors and attitudes about caring for one's body, mind, and spirit, African American Males have been identified as remiss in this effort.

Nationally, an initiative was established in 2004, the National African American Male Wellness Walk, to assist in encouraging African American males especially, to be more active in pursuing and engaging in better health care through prevention, which includes free health screenings.

This Walk started in Columbus and has expanded to Mahoning Valley, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo. In fact, the Initiative was given recognition by President Obama when he was in office. It has been said that the overall health of the Black community is very much dependent on the health and wellness of its Black men.

Chief Brian Byrd, Chairman of the Walk, stated that this Walk has proven to be of great benefit to the community. More are participating in the event and it has caused many to be more assertive about their health care. In fact, he stated that 1 person was rushed to the hospital as a result of the on site screening at the event and another one was provided assistance due to elevation and results of testing. Chief Byrd believes that the Initiative is growing annually and expects that the results will prove to be of great benefit to the wellness of the Black community.

Great job Chief Byrd. We applaud your efforts and the community for the commitment to do better!

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