We Have Two Nations Within This Nation!

I have watched black people over the years laugh when nothing was funny, scratch where nothing itched, and run when nothing was chasing them. They heard voices that were never spoken, and footsteps that were not following them.

It was Dr. King who reminded us that nobody could ride our backs unless they were bent. So, we must always walk with our backs straight, and our heads high. After all, we are a proud people from a proud heritage. We made cotton king, and the railroads long. We chopped down the tall pines of Georgia, laid out the orange groves of Florida, and the tobacco plantations of the Carolinas. We never need to be ashamed of who we are. We are the sons and daughters of slaves, not by choice, but by chance.

Although we were brought here against our will by those who willed to come here, we are all here now, and must all live in this American house together as brothers and sisters, or die apart as fools.

President Lyndon Johnson said, "We have within this nation, two nations; one black and one white, both separate and unequaled." He was right. The unemployment rate among blacks is almost three times that of whites, and we are working full time jobs for part time pay, sometimes, sometime two jobs just to keep up with whites, and we are often asked to go farther just to get as far, to do more just to do as much, and to have more just as to have as much.

In spite of affirmative action, we are still the last hired and first fired, the last to be taken on and the first to be laid off. And as often as not, we train whites to take our jobs. It hurts to see our children attend inferior schools where they sit at the feet of incompetent teachers and receive an Inadequate education.

Mow, the demands of history are that, even with our legs cut from beneath of bodies, we must be as productive as others who have known neither slavery or segregation. We have been here before, and two hundred and forty-two years of slavery couldn't stop us, another 100 years of racial segregation couldn't stop us, and Donald Trump and his "Send them back," will not deter us.

Floyd Rose

Senior Servant

Serenity Church

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