A Birthday Celebration For Bishop M.C. McGhee Sparks

Saturday was a day of reckoning for members of the Serenity Church, as they planned a 76 Birthday Celebration that would consist of SURPRISES for one Bishop M. C. McGhee. They planned it that way on purpose.

Bethesda Christian Center, at 5967 Telegraph Rd. was truly the Place of Destination for those who pressed through the steady raindrops that dared not stop them from being in attendance. The crowd gathered and knew that the evening would be special for the McGhee family, especially the Bishop. As the crowd was informed that Bishop was on his way to the celebration, plans were being made to hide family members who had come from Tulsa, Oklahoma to surprise him. And what a surprise it was.

Upon entering the doors with the room filled with family, friends, cohorts in ministry, and community leaders, Bishop. McGhee was blindfolded and walked to his seat. And then the celebration began. His Brother and family, Charles and wife Mrs. McGhee, son, and daughter, who traveled from Tulsa, entered the larger room that had been elegantly decorated to encompass all of the illustrious trimmings, and the where withal that surrounded each corner. To his amazement when the blindfold was removed, he laid eyes upon his brother and family who truly surprised him. He was overtaken with so much joy that he erupted in tears, happy tears they were. And the evening continued with musical sounds by Bro. Marlin on the keyboard and Sis. Lanova Hart provided songs of celebration. Also present to share musical renditions was the Lo Salem Baptist Church Praise Team.

Others who were present and participated in the event were Supt. Johnny Hobbs, Sr., Pastor Of St. John’s COGIC, Elder Prentiss Anderson, Mrs. Suzette Crowell, Ministers from local churches, and many other friends. Sis. Beverly Of Serenity Church, was the M. C. for the Celebration.

It was a celebration to remember, especially by Bishop M. C. McGhee, who stated that it was one of the best ever that he had witnessed. The scrumptious meal was catered by the blessed hands of J’Maes Restaurant. Happy birthday to you Bishop McGhee, May God continue to bless you.

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