Ohio Baptist State Annual Convention Convenes In Toledo

Many people were out and about in Toledo on Thursday, October 17th enjoying the last good weather days in Toledo. However, not many were enjoying the sounds, Fellowship, scrumptious, and delectable meal as the 100 plus people at the Huff-Jones Center during the noon hour Luncheon at Christian Temple Baptist Church.

The church and Pastor Charles Jones served as Host to the Annual Ohio Baptist State Convention for the week, which was a time of lectures, devotions, and evening services, shared by state officials of the Convention and participating churches from around the State of Ohio. It was evident that the Convention had exceeded its expectations as stated by Rev. Michael Harrison, Pastor of the Union Baptist Church in Youngstown and President of the Convention, who reminded the attendees of the blessing that had been experienced by all during the week of festivities and services that uplifted all, revived, renewed, and transcended the spiritual boost that was expressed and received. He summarized the week by stating that what had indeed happened there was an indication of where he wants the Convention to go. He has served as President for 11 years and is fiercely looking to groom younger ones with fresh ideas for the Convention to remain, sustain, and progress to greater. He stated that the food that was provided by the Host Church was beyond belief, a meal that could only be experienced at Christian Temple Baptist Church.

The week’s services were engulfed with transforming knowledge, spirit filled deposits, and a deeper sense of revelatory reveals from anointed speakers who intentionally proclaimed God’s word profusely and purposefully. It was notable that the Speaker for the Presidential luncheon, Dr. Ricky Sheir of Cincinnati, spoke from the theme, DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. The scripture that he spoke from was taken from Isaiah 43: 1. As indicated, some other speakers were Pastor Michelle Moore, Cleveland, Oh; and Bishop Felton Louis of Philadelphia, Pa., who was the evening speaker for the week.

When speaking with Bishop Felton, the evening speaker for the week, he stated that the services were designed to empower the people of God and speak a word of power, and purposeful perspective that prepares the people of God to not just thrive, rather survive during these times of transitional church. The theme for the services was taken from Matt. 6:33 which reads “ Seek ye first the KINGDOM of God..........”.

What is interested he stated, is that God didn’t say much about the church but he said a lot about the KINGDOM! He believes that the millennials look different to us because of the different influences, he believes that there is going to be a great harvest and revival and that there will be a remnant if we demonstrate to them how to know God. Bishop Felton ended the interview by stating that he needed to be in Toledo this week, because he was born and christened in Toledo at Zion COGIC!

The week ended on a high note with the attendees indicating that a great spirit filled week had blessed them. Congratulations to President Harrison and Pastor Charles Jones for a successful week of fellowship for the people of God!

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