Preparing to meet, greet, introduce, and set in motion a NEW BOOK, can be exciting. It proved to be just that on Friday evening, October 18th, as Publisher, Bishop Marjorie Holt, hosted the Book Signing for the release of her new book, HOW NOT TO LET YOUR MINISTRY DIE OR LET IT KILL YOU!

Bethesda Christian Center at 5967 Telegraph Rd., served as the place of Destination for the Signing and welcomed Pastors, Leaders, and Friends In Ministry to the event held at the church.

Bishop Holt stated that the book had an erudite history, in that it was birthed out of extensive conversations, discussions, and repeated concerns by Pastors and Leaders around the country about their formidable role and the sustenance of the high powered expectations that seemingly lacked much realistic understanding for, ample fortitude, and/or continuous support for the ones who had been called to carry out their assignment in Ministry.

Love for what one was called to do doesn’t always match up to what one is expected to do, as stated by one of the attendees at the Book Signing. When asked to elaborate more on the subject, the attendees stated that people don’t seem to understand that those called by God are human beings as

well and that their earthly needs aren’t any different than others who don’t profess a high calling in God.

The Book Signing served as an inspiration to Bishop Holt as many of her cohorts in the gospel showed up to receive their autographed copy of the book. The book can be purchased upon request at 5967 Telegraph Rd. and has been requested by Ministers from around the country. Book sales are going rampant. You may also request your copy by contacting Bishop Holt at or reaching out to her on FB via Bishop Marjorie Holt. The cost of the book is just $12.00. She has cash app at $marjorieholtalabama and pay pal as well.

Bishop Holt thanks each of the attendees who came to the Book Signing and those who have purchased a book. She asks for your prayers and support as she continues to allow God to use her in the gift of writing.

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