Interfaith Publisher Shares A Thankful Day With Family!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

Traveling is not unique to Publisher Bishop Marjorie Holt. However, what was unique to this time of travel was that she did an unusual trip for an occasion that was unique to her, THANKSGIVING DAY IN TOLEDO!

This year it was quite different for the family of Bishop Holt, because for the past 30 years family had traveled to Toledo to share in the Thanksgiving festivities that had often times been the destination place for family from Tennessee, New York, Ohio, California, Alabama, and Ohio, generally ranging anywhere from 35 to 60 family members.

The difference this year made a difference because even Bishop Holt had to do something different. She traveled to Cincinnati which was an unusual move for her on Thanksgiving Day. As family change takes place, in the case of Bishop Holt, the destination point was chosen to accommodate family members who wanted to be a part this year without barriers. And so it was that the family, even with the change traveling to Cincinnati, made the day one of sweet memories. Bishop Holt expressed her thankfulness and gratitude for family being able to once again share their hearts, memories and blessings of each other’s presence. And they look to pay it forward in the years to come: BACK IN TOLEDO! Lol

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