Resurrection Baptist Church Shows A Grateful Act!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

The holiday season brings many thoughts of family gathering to show familiarity with the entreats that the season generally personifies. As the time neared to the Thanksgiving Day, some would look forward to meeting those from afar, and others near and dear for the purpose once again of remembering the day as one filled with all the trimmings.

One congregation who was committed to ensuring that families who wanted to remember a dinner filled with the delicacies of joy and amenities, was The Resurrection Baptist Church on Indiana Ave., right in the heart of Central City. Pastor Randall Carter and Parishioners unified once again to bring warmth to families who entered their doors to collect baskets filled with love that were surrounded by vegetables, dry goods, desserts, meats, and all that goes along with the completion of a great feast with the family. Many gathered to ensure that their day with families would leave them with great memories.

Thanks Pastor Carter and Resurrection Baptist Church for your support of families in the community. May God continue to bless your labor!

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