Mt. Sinai Celebrates It’s Legacy and It’s Future!

Many gathered to witness the celebration of a church that has been around for 61 years praising God and continuing to serve its parishioners.

Not many who entered its doors on Thursday evening were surprised of the praises and jubilee that was taking place because of the history that the church has for great fellowship and a good time in the Holy Ghost. As the songs of worship consumed the room, it was notable that many had gathered for the evening to ensure a worthwhile experience with peers in the forefront. Because Mt. Sinai has a rich history of welcoming others, several local Pastors and groups had come to help in this celebration of notoriety. Looking around the room, Pastors had come from all points, North, South, and Central in the persons of Pastor Priscilla Bowden, Pastor Carmencita Pratt, Pastor Awls, Bishop Marjorie Holt, Bishop Patrick Thomas (Musician) and the Guest Speaker for the evening was Pastor Francine Brown of the Peace Tabernacle Family Worship Center.

It was likely that the week’s lineup of services would only become strengthened, as Pastor Brown began the fellowship off with a thunderous message that paved the way for a great move of God to occur in the building. The rest of the week, throughout Sunday, the attendees heard from Apostle Thomas Mitchell Of Bibleway Temple, Pastor Donald Presley Of Deliverance House Of God, and closing out the services was Bishop Harry Wilson Jr. of Deliverance Temple, Chicago, Il.

Rounding off the week’s glorious praises were musical groups from the participating churches., I.e. True Light Pentecostal Church, Emmanuel Temple Praise Team and Peace Tabernacle Family Worship Center.

Mt. Sinai’s legacy is rich and is godly proud in remembering the legacy that was set in motion by its Founder, the Late Bishop James A. Rayford, Sr. in 1958, in the home of the late Sis. Martha Holmes. He was led by the spirit each step of the way as he progressively moved the church to its present location in 1985. Upon the fate of illness upon the Bishop, Elder Johnny Heard carried the vision forward until Bishop Harry Wilson, Jr. took the reign as Interim Pastor. He served until Pastor Regina Shinaul, in November 2017, was installed as Pastor. For two years Pastor Shinaul has continued to be led by the spirit in leading the church to higher heights. Notably, she is one of the daughters of the Late Bishop Taylor’s, Sr. This honor she does not take for granted but is humbled by the honor and trust that has been entrusted in her. Her vision from the Lord and for the church is “ TO WORK TOGETHER TO BUILD THE BODY OF CHRIST”. And from all indications, Pastor Shinaul is on her way to doing just that.

We celebrate the life, legacy, and the future of Mt. Sinai Church as they continue to do the work of the Lord. May God strengthen your hands Pastor Regina Shinaul.

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