Who Says the Aging Process Can’t Be Reversed?

I recently read an article that asked whether or not it was possible to slow the aging process. Over the years this question has been widely debated and is even considered controversial. Some feel it is what it is and that the aging process is completely out of our hands. Many feel we're simply going to get what we're going to get. However, you’d be interested to know that while genetics does indeed play a role in how we age, there's more to it.

Who hasn't been to that 20-year high school reunion and come across that classmate that looks virtually the same as they did in high school? I know I have. How is it that two people that both the same age appear to be completely different ages? While biological age is a measure of how quickly body systems are declining, the level of that decline is dependent on a few other factors besides length of time.

A study revealed that before midlife, individuals who were aging more rapidly were less physically able, displayed congestive decline, brain aging, reported worse health issues and also looked older. It went on to show that early intervention while a person is still young, promises much more success in delaying age-related diseases. The implementation of healthy habits early on decreases the possibility of the onset of many illnesses and ailments.

Anti-aging interventions is needed to reduce the burden of disease, illnesses, ailments and poor quality of life. While a healthy lifestyle doesn't stop the years from coming nor the birthdate years from rising, how the body reacts and responds can be influenced by your actions. Caring for your body both inside and out have amazing benefits. Anything that can slow or even stop the onset or appearance of aging is worth considering.

Weight loss, subsequent maintenance, and proper diet are huge contributors to reducing the effects of aging. I consider myself proof that the aging process can be influenced. Once obese, I exhibited many of the characteristics of folks 25 years older. I struggled to climb a flight of stairs and carrying groceries was like weightlifting! After losing weight, changing my diet, and incorporating regular exercise into my regimen, I’ve been told that I look younger. More importantly, I regained a significant amount of mobility and the ability to carry out normal everyday functions without the pain and discomfort I previously endured.

Resistance training builds muscle mass which in turn provides endurance and stamina. It has been proven to not only slow but reverse the aging process at the gene level.

Including more foods from the Mediterranean Diet has shown to slow or even stop the cognitive decline that typically comes with aging. Simply including more foods such as olive oil, fish, poultry, fruit vegetable seeds and nuts can have an astounding, positive, long-term effect.

Exercise is crucial in fighting the aging process. Remaining involved in sports activities, gardening or even just consistent walking can go a long way in keeping your body at its best. Simply moving your body can be a great protector against the aging process in which we are most accustomed. It is considered one of the strongest, overall evidence of preserving youthful attributes.

So the next time you hear someone say “Age is nothing but a number,” you may want to agree. We have the ability to take control with conscious choices. While aging is a definitely blessing, you don't have to look like what you've been through.


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