SURPRISE: It’s Your Birthday! Pastor Patricia Smith

On Jan.11th, Pastor Smith arrived at Cousino’s Steakhouse, expecting a simple dinner for two with her mentee. However, little did she know that she would be met by a room full of friends and family in honor of her birthday.

Getting Pastor Smith to the restaurant proved to be harder than expected. Pastor Smith’s mentee had been offering to take her to dinner for weeks. Believing she was just having dinner with her mentee, Pastor Smith rescheduled her dinner plans twice. Determined to be a part of the celebrations, in spite of the date changes, close friends and family members made their appearance.

Pastor Smith was completely surprised when she realized that she had been “gotten”. Her husband, children, church members, and closest clergy friends kept the party a complete secret from her.

The evening was filled with food, gifts, hugs and laugher. When asked how did she think the event turned out, Pastor Smith’s mentee responded “It was so good to hear my Pastor laugh.”

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