Armorbearers Training At Bethesda a Huge Success

Many people spend their Saturday taking care of those things that require valuable attention that they are generally unable to do during the week. However, seven people who have committed themselves to learning, growing, and evolving in ministry, for the purpose of SERVING, attended an Armorbearers Training at Bethesda Christian Center.

The training was conducted by Adjutant Beverly Brown, who serves at Bethesda and Adjutant to Bishop Marjorie Holt. While the day was essentially focused on the importance of learning how to serve in the role as an Armorbearer, it also identified several auxiliary roles that one would function in to be effective as an Armorbearer. The training focused on FIRST THINGS FIRST, THE DO’s and DON’Ts of THE ARMORBEARER, THE ROLE OF THE ARMORBEARER and so much more.

It was evident that the participants were actively engaged on purpose, to conclude the training for the day with the intent to serve more effectively in the role as an Armorbearer. This initial training was the prerequisite to advanced training that participants are offered.

Hats off to the Trainer, Sis. Beverly Brown, who is also conferred upon as a Matriculated Trainer for this training. May God continue to bless the fruit of her labor!

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