Connecting Kids To Meals Making A Real Connection During Corona!

During a necessary trip to pick up basic yet needed items for thriving, it was noticeable around town that many individuals and groups are providing “Good Samaritan” acts. One group that is present and accounted for is CONNECTING KIDS TO MEALS, with CEO and President, Wendy Huntley.

Along the outside corridors of many locations, and specifically at the Kent Library location on this particular day, it was quite noticeable that staff and volunteers were energetically hoping to serve kids meals, who are out of schools during the CoronaVirus Outbreak.

When speaking with the group, they were eager to ask if I knew of kids who needed to be eating? I told them that I would send kids their way and spread the word. They are at this location and others around the city, daily from 11 AM to 1 PM. Should you know or have children in the area or if you know of those who would like to make the trip to secure a healthy meal for kids, please peruse the city and this location to receive a “ don’t skip lunch” meal, which is written on the bag in which the meals are served, along with milk.

Thanks to the staff and those who are diligently serving and meeting the needs of our children, neighbors, and families during this critical time. May God continue to bless you in all that you do! We, the staff at Interfaith Gazette Newspaper, salute you!

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