A Letter To AMERICA: The Fire Won’t Go Out!

AMERICA, if Lazarus had never gotten sick, he would have never died. If Mother Rosa Parks had not refused to sit in the back of the bus, there would have never been a seat in the front of the bus.

And so here we are again today, as we are faced with another tragedy that continues to be pervasive in the lives of Black people. But AMERICA if you had never experienced the death of Black people at the hands of RACISM, SYSTEMIC INEQUITIES, THE PAIN OF A PEOPLE, you would never experience the birthing of misery exemplified in a people whose time has come when the hammer must be lifted off of their back, and a knee off of their neck.

The physical fires that you are witnessing now across America, are just an external symptom of the internal fury that has erupted to be out of control. And let me warn you AMERICA that THE FIRE WON’T GO OUT because each example of injustice that adds fuel to the fire, propels and ignites another layer to America’s hypocrisy.

Protests have purpose. As bad as it is, as much loss as we have experienced, as much disparity as Black people have encountered, you should know that the FIRE WON’T GO OUT. This uprising AMERICA has caused you pain, caused you loss, Now What?

How will you reclaim your comfort level? How will you adjust your emotional gauge? Our BLACKNESS CAN NEVER BE AND SHOULD NOT BE SEEN AS A THREAT TO YOUR WHITENESS! Equality for Black people has been earned not gifted! The blood sweat and tears positioned us to receive what was rightfully ours. Make no mistake about it, the sacrifice was supposed to be worth the experience and not the burden that continues to be hopeless and not hopeful.

It’s time to hear the voices, hear what has been ignored, hear what you have closed your eyes and ears to for more than 400 years. The chaos serves a purpose, not the violence that overshadows the movement.

George Floyd lives on. His life will and has changed not a neighborhood, not a city, not a state, but a nation! America, THE FIRE WON’T GO OUT! This pain will produce promise. This pain will cause a new birth. This pain will loose shackles. This pain will re-write America’s history. Why, because THIS FIRE has history and becomes history. And until America there is a BREAKTHROUGH, there will continue to be a BREAKDOWN. Until there is REFORMATION, the REVOLUTION continues.

You should know for some that violence has served as a release of the unnoticed catastrophes that you have pretended that do not exist. For others it serves as an overreaction to America’s under-reaction.

You must understand that there is purpose in this pain, that there is a message even in the mess, and that there is a full termed birth coming from your pre-mature sins. America, THE FIRE WON’T GO OUT.

Long after we are gone, the symbolism of the ashes that represented the results of RACISM, HATRED, INJUSTICE, INEQUITIES, DISPARITY, AND PAYING MORE FOR LESS, will now turn heads To and not From. .

The movement is a stark reminder of your stellar throw a rock and hide your hand performance that now comes back to haunt you. The saddest commentary is that your presumed ability to “ FEEL”, lost its place when it comes to Black lives.

Dr. MARTIN LUTHER King, Jr. said that RIOTS ARE THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNHEARD! America, do you hear us now? Did you really think that we would continue to accept apathy from you when we cannot get over one death before there are others following, compounding the pain. How many Trayvon Martins, Eric Garners, Michael Browns, Laquan McDonalds, Tamir Rice’s, Walter Scott’s, Freddie Grays, Sandra Blands, Philander Castiles, Botham Jeans, Ahmaud Arberys, Breanna Taylor’s, and George Floyd’s do you think that we have left before an uprising had to take place. America, THE FIRE WON’T GO OUT!

No matter the length, breath, or depth of the pain, there can no longer be the ravages of America’s sins that lessens the lives of Black America. There must be a reckoning in this country that allows Black America to sing in the words of the song written by Samuel Francis Smith, MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE, SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, OF THEE I SING.,LAND WHERE MY FATHERS DIED, LAND OF THE PILGRIMS PRIDE, FROM EVERY MOUNTAINSIDE, LET FREEDOM RING!

But for many years the song WE SHALL OVERCOME was sang to emotionally place Black America in the hopeful, futuristic, desire for change and the release from RACISM, HATRED, AND THE MALIGNANT, ABSOLUTE, RESIDUE OF INJUSTICES. But America remember this, the tides have turned, the shift has happened, a new tune must be heard now and maybe it’s time for White America to sing the same song that we have been singing for 400 years. Maybe embracing that you are committed to OVERCOMING THE KILLING OF AA MEN AND WOMEN WHO WERE SLAUGHTERED WITH NO THOUGHT FOR THEIR LIFE. MAYBE ITS TIME FOR YOU TO SING A NEW SONG BECAUSE THIS FIRE WONT GO OUT! And with the help of God and your embrace to OVERCOME, WE HOPE THAT IT WILL BE DEEP IN YOUR HEART, AND YOU WILL OVERCOME SOMEDAY!

Written By Marjorie L. Holt, Ph. D. ©️2020

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