Being Blessed By Blessed Hands Beauty Bar!

Well, the time came that many could not wait to hear of getting out of their homes back into their favorite Salon and Barber Shop. The doors opened, the Stylists walked in, the lights went on and the camera action begun. It’s the day y’all, we made it finally and all can witnessed this hour, the sentiments of Owner of BLESSED HANDS BEAUTY BAR SALON on Holland Sylvania Rd.

What a day to remember, but even more than that, what a day to walk in with a new spirit, new services, new faces, and style to go along with every tall order. The Stylists were ready and so were the services that they vowed to deliver in the Day of the NEW NORMAL.

Salons and Barber Shops waited on the day, May 15th to be announced by the Governor of the State, that they could resume serving their constituents. Owner, Simone Marsenburg of BLESSED HANDS SALON stated that they were well prepared to provide those services on a regulated basis, procedurally to those walking in the doors.

When Governor Dewine made the decision to reopen, “ he stated that he had conferred with several health officials and establishments about recommendations for Nails, Hair Salons, and Barbershops to reopen their facilities and concluded that the following recommendations must be followed if businesses are going to resume”.

• Customers may have to wait outside until appointment is ready

• Only customers will be allowed in the store,unless it’s necessary for a child or caregiver to attend

• Employees will be required to wear masks, as required by orders from Gov. Dewine and Ohio

Dept. of Health Director, Dr. Amy Acton

• No magazines or products will be out on display

• Regular sanitation will be conducted between appointments

• Customers will have to abide by any individual policies that the business makes on their own

Blessed Hands Beauty Bar is just that. The hands that provide the services, at which they are a full service, feel as though each person walking in the building will enjoy the great, up to date, full fledged atmosphere with elaborate surroundings. The Owner, Simone Marsenburg has been licensed for 4 years and the Beauty Bar has been opened for three years. The services offered at Blessed Hands Beauty Bar are HAIR, NAIL MANICURE, PEDICURE, FACIAL WAXING AND FACIALS. It is opened Monday thru Saturday without appointments and on a 24 hr. basis by appointment. They are happy to offer a FATHER’s DAY SPECIAL that is their Father-Daughter Day treat where the Father will be able to come in and get a pedicure/facial and Daughter can receive the hair/nail service at a discounted cost, based upon the services requested.

Simone stated that she is very excited about the reopening and looks forward to providing the excellent, extravagant services to each person entering their facility. Blessed hands is located at 1040 N. Holland-Sylvania Rd. Toledo, Oh. and can be reached at 419.961.0954. Congratulations Simone and the Stylists at BLESSED HANDS BEAUTY BAR, YOU ROCK, Livvia Toms, Tarolyn Strozier, Paris Powell, Ashley Carouthers, and Latoya Allen!

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